I’m quite excited about today’s Song Of The Day! I was looking for something by a non-mainstream artist but something also that everyone could really dig. I came across this track in 2007 (like yesterday’s “Gypsy Woman”) was literally amazed by what I heard. This was the absolute perfect electronic track and it literally candy for my ears. Which is why this artist’s name is so appropriate Glass Candy and their incredible track “Etheric Device.” The must hear track is after the cut:

In what is apparently called Italian Disco music, Glass Candy is one of its pioneers creating absolutely infectious and delicious dance tracks with the help of a sexy and breathy female singer who’s quick vocal lines work magic along the tinkling synthesizers of this track.

The song has an effortless energy to it that makes it the perfect track to sit around and chill around to it, dance to, work to, run to, it really has a universal appeal that doesn’t exactly fill any particular need but just works on all types of different levels. This track is a must hear and something you most likely never would have came across regardless.

What did you think of “Etheric Device” by Glass Candy? Tell me in the comments, I always respond.

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  1. Beezelberry says:

    Gotsta admit, this really doesn’t do anything for me. Intro is waaaaay too long, sound too repetitive. But I can see how others would dig it.

    • Really?! Interesting! I’ve always thought this was such a cool track…maybe now in our electronica-infested 2011 it doesn’t hit as hard but I still remember being blown away by this sound in 2007 haha but I love hearing differing opinions regardless!

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