The divas are coming in at full force! With a bevy of new singles coming at us this weekend, rather than find them all one by one, I’ve included all the upcoming singles in a post right here for you! First we have Jennifer Lopez’s third single “Papi” from her upcoming comeback album, the return single “Starlight” by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, the 2nd official single for newcomer Wynter Gordon “Til Death”, and the new single “Judas” by Lady GaGa which has already hit #1 on iTunes in the countries its been released.

First up we got “Papi.” I think this song is actually far superior to 2nd single “I’m Into You,” and keeps Jennifer in very comfortable territory. With a RedOne also in very comfortable territory with a Latin-inspired, electro dance beat. This is the same style he gained initial noteriority with while working with Kat DeLuna on the smash “Whine Up.” While Kat’s probably still upset that Jennifer is gaining success with this same style she’s been trying to make bite for years, this track is definitely one of RedOne’s best with a sound that stays completely current but still has an authentic Latin sound to it that usually lacks in Latin-influenced artists even when they try (Enrique…). I’m loving this one and I’m hoping this proves to be another hit for J Lo in the same vain as “One The Floor.” Also, thiswill prove she doesn’t need a featured rapper to keep her singles relevant. 

After hitting #1 in Australia with her debut single “Dirty Talk,” Wynter Gordon has released the Denzal Park Radio Edit version of her 2nd single “Til Death” that will serve as the official version for her down under. If I understand correctly, a new version will be used in America and I must say I’m a little glad about this idea. The track is definitely Wynter progressing as an artist and while it hits all the sweet spots of dance music, she will need something that hits a little better if she’s coming for The US like she needs to be. There’s some vocals that are just a little strange, and it wouldn’t register well with most listeners. Wynter’s allowed to take risks in a place like Australia where she’s the hottest little thang right now, but if she wants to resonate well in other territories she’s going to need to clean and edit this track a little which I believe the next version will show. In the meantime, this song is still doing everything great and with lines like “Let’s get loud as we celebrate life, til death do we party with the music I die.” Loveit!

Another dance diva is coming back to the disco is Sophie Ellis-Bexter. One of the most underrated females out there, the woman is back with the absolutely excellent moody, disco track “Starlight.” While Sophie has been a part of dance music for quite awhile so while everyone is now doing the upbeat, positive dance club beats…what does the fabulous Ms. Ellis-Bexter do? She gets moody and darker with her synths. Will she get overlooked with this track? Most likely. Will it eventually start a new trend? Most likely. Will she get credit for it? Most likely not. Regardless, be ahead of everyone else and soak your ears with this track NOW.

And now what is the most anticipated review, but the one I’m least excited for “Judas” by Lady GaGa. While I ended up only listening to “Born This Way” like 10 times, I will probably only listen to “Judas” 5. First of all, its quite a rip-off structurally of “Bad Romance.” From the Judas-hook borrowing from the famous “ra ra ra ah ah” hook of the former hit to the sing-a-long style in the middle of the chorus, the song is so blatantly using what worked in the past that no wonder the label chose it as a second single–just in case the “different” sound of “Born This Way” didn’t make the impact they wanted this definitely will. Additionally, the unique and strange nature of the verses do not line up with what becomes the very poppy, very catchy chorus. Ultimately, GaGa & RedOne (who produced this track as well) are trying to make a hit record…and that’s fine, just don’t make it with such religious undertones and deeper material if you’re not looking for anything more than a dance hit. The single was released Friday, and with it running straight to #1 on iTunes in America, but with only 3 days of sales and very little airplay, don’t expect this to debut at number one like BTW, but to be around awhile regardless–unless some miracle happens and radio rejects this song all together…Easter IS coming up…LISTEN HERE

SO which diva caught your attention? Anyone I missed? Let’s talk in the comments! I always respond to your comments!

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