In what was one of the most surprising tracks created by Hilary Duff‘s now stalled pop music career, comes one of the best tracks of her career “Gypsy Woman.” Produced by Ryan Tedder, which is also surprising as this is the same man who tried to pull off Beyonce’s “Halo” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone” as two completely different songs, the tracks shows completely experimental material for both as Hilary takes a confident persona telling off the woman who broke up her family.

In this electronic track, released in 2007 before electronic music had taken over (meaning she should have released it!) has two very original samples having what sounds like an actual gypsy’s vocals and then an altered baby-sounding vocal that acts as the backing to the track.

Duff sounds extremely confident as spits interesting lyrics like “That’s how she works, her sick and twisted gypsy curse” or “She can swallow knives, golden black stare, on the night of your demise.”

Basically this track is one of the most interesting created in 2007 and definitely gives Hilary some credible points on a pop music career that usually wasn’t taken too seriously by anyone. Hearing this track again just gets me more excited about what’s to come for her when she DOES come back to music and hopefully she continues along with a style like “Gypsy Woman” and not “With Love.”

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  1. dan says:

    Dignity as a whole is an amazing album, she said that she needs at least a year to release another cd 😉

    • Dan, I’ve heard Dignity is such a great album from so many people, maybe I’ll finally check it out! I only have Gypsy Woman & Stranger. And thanks for the info, hopefully it comes soon!!

  2. Beezelberry says:

    Great choice. I was blown away by this… It showed a completely different side of Duff. Really made me want to hear more of/from her.

  3. REACH OUT says:

    Love the Duffster!

  4. JD says:

    The Gypsy Woman is named Carolyn Sue Seely if Houston. She is a flight attendant and dated Bob Duff while he was married, contributing to the divorce. I dated her for two years and she still brags about it.

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