It’s that time of the week! Time to share what we’ve been listening to, leave me a comment with what you’ve been digging this week!


1. Lupe Fiasco
2. Katy B
3. The Decemberists
4. Janelle Monae
5. Christina Aguilera
6. Spice Girls
7. Aubrey O’Day
8. Kid Cudi
9. Sia
10. Marina & The Diamonds

1. “I Don’t Want To Care Right Now” Lupe Fiasco featuring MDMA
2. “Automatic” Aubrey O’Day
3. “To Me (내게로..)” Rainbow
4. “This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like” Porcelain Black featuring Lil Wayne
5. “Break The Chain” Lupe Fiasco featuring Eric Turner & Sway)
6. “Beautiful Lazers (2 Ways)” Lupe Fiasco featuring MDMA
7. “Words I Never Said” Lupe Fiasco featuring Skylar Grey
8. “Cruz” Christina Aguilera
9. “State Run Radio” Lupe Fiasco featuring Matt Mahaffey
10. “Lights On” Katy B featuring Ms. Dynamite

So if it wasn’t obvious, I finally bought the new Lupe Fiasco album Lazers, and WOW! I am a hardcore fan now! I want to write an in-depth post about the album because just the processes of the how the album came out and then what it sounds like (top notch by the way) is fascinating. Also, I just discovered Katy B who I am loving! I need to figure her out a little more but she’s got a great thing going on. As well, Aubrey O’Day’s new single is a not so guilty little pleasure I’ve been getting pumped up too. And then I’m remembering how talented Janelle Monae is and listening to her a ton too.

As always, you can keep track of my listenings over at my profile where since Fall of 2008 I’ve listened to over 1,100 different artists so there’s definitely something to find there! What are you listening to? Tell me in the comments!

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