One of the most interesting artists to come out in 2011, Porcelain Black, has just premiered the music video for debut single “This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like” featuring Lil Wayne. I find her particularly interesting mostly because of her metal rock/punk approach to singing, but then her 100% pop productions that make for quite a remarkable combination that I’m still not sure is going to work for her. Regardless, she’s got my attention. Here’s why:

Lil Wayne has already named her the “baddest bitch in the game,” a VEVO channel has been created, and her debut single has already been iTunes’ Single Of The Week. Clearly, Porcelain is clearly getting all the treatment of a major label star. And with an absolutely awesome image, she does look like she’s got something to offer the masses.

In her video, Porcelain and her gang of mean girls go around to different locations of the school causing trouble and showing everyone “what rock n roll looks like.” The only thing is, I’m not actually buying this is what rock n roll looks like. The artist is 25 years old and she’s parading around a high school with Lil Wayne, throwing books in the library which is already an awkward concept but it seems that Porcelain agrees.

Throughout the video I never feel like Porcelain is really there and perhaps this is from nerves on her first music video. Or perhaps this is the result of an actually free spirited, forward thinking artist being thrown into the commercial world and she’s not 100% comfortable with it.

Either way, I’m really interested in seeing where she goes and where this song goes. But mostly, I want to see Porcelain Black the artist. I have spoken to other contacts about her and everyone says great things about her live shows and performances so perhaps this video (which isn’t all bad, just not 100% there) is a misrepresentation and there’s much more to be seen of Porcelain. She’s got my attention and I’m rooting for her…at this point! Check it out below and let me know your thoughts:

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