My favorite K Pop band (the band that got me into the genre!) After School have announced plans to make their comeback as a group this month! After lead singer Kahi released and promoted a mini-album of her own, and the three youngest members were split into a subgroup Orange Caramel, both projects which turned out to be quite successful, the girls are back! Check out why I’m so excited (and some past material to make you a fan as well) after the cut:

The popular South Korean group has announced plans to launch a comeback this April with a new single produced by Japanese DJ Daishi Dance. Hopefully the single focuses on the group’s awesome harmony approach (like on “Because Of You,” below) and excellent vocal/rap combinations.

Basically, I have huge expectations for the girls and hope this ends up leading a full-length album from them since it’s been mainly single and small mini-albums, so hopefully this will see After School getting a ton more material! It’s always difficult in the Asian markets to have favorite artists when they only release 4 songs because you can only play those 4 songs so many times…

Regardless, find out why I love these girls with the music video of “Because Of You,” lead singer Kahi performing her single “Come Back You Bad Person” live, and then the music video for Orange Caramel’s “Bangkok City” below:

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