Ke$ha fever hit the world towards the end of 2009 when her debut single hit #1 leading to her album debuting at #1. Yet the single, “TiK ToK,” had actually been making impressions (on the internet at least) since late spring of 2009, originally under the title “Dolla.” During this time pop fans began wondering who this Ke$ha was, did her name really have a dollar sign in it, and if there was more material they could get their hands on. This was one of her initial offerings, a track to not make the album “Chain Reaction.”

It remains somewhat of a mystery why “Chain Reaction” would be chosen to keep off of the album Animal with its almost siren-like synthesizers starting the song off just right. The song continues into its first verse with some trippy, very Ke$ha-esque lyrics (“I feel like I’m hallucinating, yeah you’re tripping me out”) before getting into an awesome pre-chorus verse where things speed up and get quite trippy as Ke$ha wonders if she’s seen this guy before or if it was a dream; the song’s true shining moment. The rushing lyrics and production make it seem as though things are getting too fast for her to comprehend, and while I think they could have gone a little farther with the idea, it sounds just like how you’d expect a bunch of grabbing, touching, kissing, and grinding would sound…in the doorway of a sweaty basement…in true Ke$ha style.

The chorus is just as catchy as any other Ke$ha song and with a slick 80’s inspired production, I still wonder why it was left off of the album. While I see the commercial appeal of tracks like Blah Blah Blah, Take It Off, and Your Love’s My Drug, I do not see how Chain Reaction did not make the cut when other early leaks like Kiss N Tell and Backstabber did. Regardless, this is my favorite Ke$ha track ever…though the excellent Sleazy is a close second.

Do you think Chain Reaction should have the fate it faced? Tell me in the comments!

“Chain Reaction” Ke$ha

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  1. Yanick says:

    this track is amazing! so damn catchy!

  2. Cambei says:

    I was just listening to this song and wondered the exact same thing, this was one of first results from google trying to find out where this song came from.

    I think it’s a much more mature song than most of hers and definitely should have made the cut!

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