Unlike Kim Kardashian‘s “Jam (Turn It Up),” sometimes autotune can be used to create some really interesting music. Newcomer Sam Adams proves that on his quite good, quite unknown track “You Girl” produced by Sam himself. The slow R&B/electro rap tune see Adams use an autotuned chorus to create an extremely chilled out and grooving piece. While one can end up the tool as a clutch, the self-proclaimed “Boston’s Boy” isn’t a puppet to the tool. Check it out below:

While one can end up using the tool as a clutch,the self proclaimed “Boston’s Boy” isn’t just a puppet to the vocal enhancer showing a cool, laidback flow in his rap skills. While the kid may never make it anywhere in the near future, as he’s only had one digital EP release, this song shows potential–especially the fact he produced this particular track himself makes me more interested in him as a producer. Take a listen:

Sam’s debut EP Boston’s Boy featuring “You Girl” is available digitally now (iTunes)

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