If you’ve been reading this blog (and of course you have) you know how much I’m loving the new material from Norwegian duo Eva & The Heartmaker. And seeing post statistics it’s been clear you guys have as well! So has teamed up with the group to bring 10-15 fans signed copies of their new album Dominoes courtesy of Sony Music Norway!

The album isn’t available in America and some other territories but we will send the signed copy straight to you! So whether you can’t get the album in your country or you are just a fan, you don’t want to miss out on the contest! And even luckier, the contest is very simple to enter! Here’s your 2 options of how you can win:

On your Twitter account send out a tweet saying:




I want to win a signed copy of @Eva_Heartmaker’s new album Dominoes from @MultiDMusicBlog! #multidimensionalmusic


Make sure you include both our names (spelled correctly) or else we won’t see the tweet and you can’t be entered to win! You will get an instant follow back from me as well. Also make sure you’re following @MultiDMusicBlog, so if you are a winner I can DM you to tell you’re a winner!

OR if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can e-mail and telling me why you should win a signed copy!

There are only 10-15 copies so make sure you enter! Contest ends NEXT FRIDAY: March 25th, 2011. Good luck!!!!

Dominoes featuring “Signals” (above) and the new single “Gone In A Flash” is out now and is currently the #6 album on iTunes a month after release (iTunes Norway)

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