After staying pretty quiet after the release of her excellent sophomore album Solange has graced us with a new charity track called “Kenya.” This track was created with Twin Shadow and Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear showing Solange’s connections with the indie rock genre now appearing in her own music.

The track is truly remarkable with Solange taking her vocals to a new place markin new territor for the talented singer/songwriter.

“Kenya” sees Solange’s trademark soulful, layered vocals starting the song off over some guitar riffs and strums with her and Twin Shadow (I believe? Though it could be Chris Taylor’s) trading off verses in what is a somewhat typical song structure.

But the song starts taking on a new persona after about the 1-minute mark seeing Solange and her unique vocal approach becoming somewhat of a percussion in their own sense and having this become the basis for the track.

Solange comes back and adds more verses, but the song takes on several new identities as it progresses and if one was hoping to find a new R&B jam from Solange they will be disappointed as this is more of James Blake territory than Beyonce.

In all honesty though, the track is incredible and what makes it even better is that it is free with a donation to RAIN, a Coca-Cola backed community initiative to provide 2 million people in Africa with access to drinking water by 2015, which is doing so with the help of the music community–like these talented musicians.

So DO SOMETHING and help out a great charity by giving and get a great song in return! Click HERE to donate and get the track, as well check out a behind the scenes video!

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