To my surprise, one of the most exciting and unique pop stars out there Natalia Kills has a confirmed release date for her album Perfectionist of which she has also revealed the cover. The album will be released on April 1st in Germany and then expected to be released in the US on April 22nd. The album cover (available in HQ after the cut) looks absolutely great and I’m so excited to see this album coming out because Natalia is such an exciting artist and has a lot to offer just from her debut release.

Natalia has found some success by having a Top 10 hit (with the incredible debut single “Mirrors”) in Germany, as well as the Top 15 in Austria and just missed the Top 40 (#46) in Canada. Not so bad. Regardless, this album is coming out in less than two months with the second single “Wonderland” set to be released soon. An unfinished demo, or at least what I hope is an unfinished demo since the song sounds very messy, has been around the internet…I just hope the final version sounds much better than what’s there.

Regardless, back to the news at hand. Natalia Kill’s album cover is pretty awesome. I’m usually not a fan of new artists covering their faces, just for brand and artistry recognition…but for this album I think it absolutely works. It’s got almost a “Wanted” poster feel to it and I think it works really great for what their going for. As well the contrast between the black & white photo, and then red writing is absolutely eye catching. Well done!

In the meantime, do your ears (and eyes…visually this music video is amazing!) some good and check out “Mirrors” yourself. Can’t wait for that album!!

“Mirrors,” its remixes and a live piano version are all available. (iTunes)

As well, here’s an ultra high quality version of the album artwork by clicking HERE.

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