Very excited to bring you quite a gem of a track today! It’s a song I’ve had in my library for probably five years now, and always thought it was way ahead of anything out there (well until now). But its a track called “It’s A Fine Day” by Miss Jane that truly takes euphoric pop/dance music to a new level. This song is perfect to dance to, perfect to sing along to, perfect to chill down to, perfect to drive to, it works on so many levels. It’s an absolute must hear. Find it all below.

Originally beginning with somewhat muffled vocals over a dance beat, growing with some dance and electronic elements eventually leading to one epic moment of silence–which afterwards takes our ears into the euphoric cloud of “la la la la di’s” of Miss Jane’s porcelian vocals over a fast-paced dark electronic beat.

The hook always reminds me of warm summer night air and wind blowing past me while spinning in circles listening to this to this track. It truly lends itself to let you get completely lost inside it with its simple but completely effective arrangement and lyrics. This track is completely in its own lane, and if more music like was created–I honestly don’t know what I would do. Probably just continue dancing in circles while these songs just kept playing…

Luckily for the sake of my career and future, I’ve only come across a gem like “It’s A Fine Day” once (although I would LOVE suggestions of similar music! You can always suggest Songs Of The Day and I will take a listen and most likely post! If you’re reading this blog, you definitely wouldn’t recommend a bad song). I hope you guys like this one. Be sure to see if any commenters have investigated the song for you later today…

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  1. ItsAFineDay says:

    Investigate the song of the day further by clicking on my name!

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