Nicole Scherzinger ended up with a #3 single when she released her new song “Poison” in The UK after performing on The X Factor (the country’s most watched TV show) along with other television performances that week. Nicole is taking a similar approach with a string of televised performances for her new single “Don’t Hold Your Breath” (all of which you can check out below). Will this song end up being a smash like her debut other single was? Performances & analysis inside.

Somehow Nicole Scherzinger has a nice relationship with Simon Cowell. So much so that without any real success to her specific name, other than possibly being the reason The Pussycat Dolls gained international fame (but most likely not because she couldn’t make it on her own when she first tried), she landed a guest hosting spot on the British version of The X Factor–which I mentioned before is The UK’s most widely watched television show. With that gig, which brought her to the attention of a lot Brits, she also ended up getting the debut performance of her lackluster single “Poison” to be on the huge show. But why? The song and the singer showed no indication of success so why did she get such a HUGE opportunity? Something didn’t add up there.

Regardless, the song ended up at #3 on the charts after hitting #1 on iTunes, and currently sits at #67 with her album sitting at #105 on the iTunes album chart as a pre-order (which basically means nothing since iTunes doesn’t really sell many albums). So it shows there’s a mild interest in her.

Regardless after then basically disappearing after her brush with fame (she honestly should have milked that for all its worth…yeah she got some photoshoots, magazine covers, and events focused on her but that was about it) Scherzy’s back with “Don’t Hold Your Breath,” an actually excellent pop track produced by Dave Aude.

Like I said in my review earlier, this song is not going to be easy to make into an interesting performance and Nicole is feeling that heat. Even with some ice skaters to take the focus off her on a performance of Dancing On Ice, it just isn’t working. I would have included a little choreography for Nicole, but maybe they don’t think they need it? Regardless, Nicole can’t spin in random circles (like she hilariously did on Lorraine) as means to keep viewers interesting. I sort of think Nicole may be sick too, since she’s not milking the long, belting notes for all their worth–in true frontwoman style, so maybe she’s not even feeling the promo schedule? Eh.

While this song is miles better than “Poison” without a huge platform to premiere the single on, this could end up flopping like the rest of her singles (except for “Baby Love” in Brazil…represent! Also, the performance of “Don’t Hold Your Breath” should give an early indication of how this album will end up selling too. We’ll have to see, good luck Nicky Doll!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    when is it coming out?????????????????????

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