One of the best alternative bands out there, Beach House (who I only found out after months of listening to their debut album, that their lead singer is female. Embarassing I know, but I really had no idea! Still so much love!) previewed a new track of theirs at a festival gig in Singapore recently. The beginning of the track actually really reminds me of “In Dreams” by the new artist I wrote about Dreams without all the 80’s influenced synthesizers. Regardless, I’m LOVING the sound of the new music!

In what was called a “work in progress,” despite the performance being four and a half minutes, Beach House gave fans a preview of what may come from their excellent 2010 release Teen Dream (no relation to Katy Perry).

In what sounds like an electronic bass line (like I said similar to “In Dreams” by Dreams), is interlaced with the band’s lead singer Victoria Legrand‘s signature dreamy vocals. It already sounds like a very good track with its intentions obvious, so I really wonder how much of a “work in progress” this is.

Either way, this is a very good move for Beach House who never shied completely away from electronic sounds in their music, but now it seems to be taking greater focus in the music. Death Cab For Cutie has announced a similar style, but I truly do think that bands like these will not be at risk for “selling out” or “following trends” for including these sounds since they truly do have their own artistic and musical appeal.

I’m truly excited for the new Beach House album! I remember after hearing “Norway” I desperately searched for the Teen Dream album and loved it, and then bought it the day it came out because I was so excited how it raced up the iTunes the album charts; eventually hitting #1! Woohoo!

Take a listen to the track below, and let me know your thoughts. Any other Beach House fans here?

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