Wynter Gordon is a very special artist. She has been on the underground scene being featured as a blog favorite, written songs for top artists, and found #1 singles in particular niches like US Club Charts & Australia. She stands as particularly special to me by being my 14th most played artist on my Last.FM account without even having a proper LP release. I’ve just loved everything that’s she released…or that’s leaked out. This new song, more aptly anthem is no exception.

Selected as the official song of the 2011 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Wynter Gordon’s new track “Putting It Out There (Pride)” is the absolute perfect anthem for an event like this–and beyond. Wynter hit #1 in Australia with her debut single “Dirty Talk,” and it is truly amazing that in such a short amount of time she’s already lending her services to be an ally and icon for the gay community.

First of all though, this song has completely nailed it musically. Over a grinding, electronic beat embellished with some icy piano keys and almost epic chorus of voices to introduce it, Wynter’s voice is right at home on the dance track. She truly has turned into a dance diva with collaborations with big producers like David Guetta, Freemasons, and Static Revenger and it really suits her. The huge chorus combines the elements of the introduction with the electrobeat creating a sound of epic proportions. Sure to get everyone, gay or not, a rush of excitement.

The lyrics are just wonderful too. The bridge nails it with “We are a harmony. Like angels singing a song. Maybe we’re meant to be just the way we are.” (and with the actual choral sounds in the intro and chorus, this is an absolute perfect lyric–combining the production elements with the lyrics, THAT’S taking it to the next dimension!). And then of course the anthemic chorus,

With pride in our hearts, we’re putting it out there. For everyone to see. They’ll tear us apart, we’re putting it out there. We know you’re not alone. Don’t find it anymore. Tonight the world will know. Who we are, we’re putting it out there.

Just HUGE! Musically, lyrically, production-ly, Wynter really nailed it with this one. Congratulation Wynter, hopefully Australia makes this #1 too! You deserve it!

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  1. Investigate this song by clicking the link on my name.

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