A ton of  huge artists want to work with Lady GaGa. Everyone from Usher and Nicki Minaj (who everyone else wants to work with) have recently jumped up and down for the lady, but somehow new artist CJ Holland (who just appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week…I’m not 100% sure why though) booked her for his debut single “Luv U Sum.” But…why?

Decide whether or not this new artist earned such a huge feature on his debut single inside.

It’s always good to start with the positive so let’s do that. So Lady GaGa begins the song crescendoing with a monotone chant to the song’s somewhat 80’s inspired, synthesizer sprinkled beat. That part’s good.

Then CJ Holland jumps on the verse with a seemingly Michael Jackson-inspired vocal approach, that just doesn’t quite get there and it just sounds bad and strained. His scratchy vocal approach just ultimately sounds like an unimpressive Bruno Mars and his vocals may have worked better in a more R&B/soul inspired track (a la Mars) or they would have just been as equally annoying. Regardless, the confident vocalizing is just not working here.

The chorus then sees GaGa return on a monotone chant of some pretty dope lyrics like, “I’m your sugar cane, on your mind. It’s nothing you can’t handle…” while telling us to “lick your lips, embrace your tongue” while then repeating the chant while adding the “Luv U Sum” phrase which just creates a multilayered hook that makes me see why GaGa may have signed up for the track–perhaps as a favor? It’s a really cool chorus. Unfortunately, Holland tries riffing over the second and third chorus which is just annoying…regardless great, unique chorus.

This guy is going to have to work much harder to have a real career in the music business because unless all his singles have huge features (which I’m not even sure how helpful it could be…”Video Phone” with Beyonce & GaGa wasn’t even really a hit, nor was “Chillin'” by Wale featuring The Ga [and that song was actually dope!] so it might not even matter) but ultimately this artist, whoever he is, is going to have to prove to me a lot more. Take a listen below:

“Luv U Sum” CJ Holland featuring Lady GaGa

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  1. LuvUSum says:

    Investigate the song by clicking the link on my name.

  2. annie says:

    CJ is amazing! I saw him on ellen and he’s gorgeous and amazing! EVERYONE loves him! He’s going to be bigger than BIEBER!

  3. I’m not convinced yet annie. And I’ve been reading that he’s only 16, so maybe with a little maturity he’d grow into something bigger but I’m not convinced yet…especially with this single.

  4. caitlyn says:

    C.J. has a lot more talent than you’re portraying him to have. First of all, he sounds nothing like Bruno Mars, so I think you need to get your ears checked. For a first single, I think it sounds awesome, and as it is with many artists he has time and room to grow. Also, have you seen him dance? He is an extremely good dancer, which in the long run will help him gain more fans and he will put on a better show.

    • I said an “unimpressive Bruno Mars” so I guess its really unimpressive if you can’t even hear it all. I think its a smart move for this first single, getting Lady GaGa on there. And no I haven’t seen him dance, but that will hopefully make up for the lack of song when he performs it live and could save it.

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