I want to introduce something new to, because you guys have been so loyal & always coming to the site even when I’m busy & cannot update. So I wanted to have something that will be a constant & give you a reason to always be checking the site & EARN a bookmark/subscription from you! And with that I give you…The Song of The Day! I’ve been studying my Last.FM account in comparison to others I listen to a lot of artists & have over 1,050 artists just that I’ve listened to from the past 2 years. I want to share that broad experience and bring you something you may have not heard each day. Here comes our first Song Of The Day that the artist is probably pissed we actually choose this song…

Marina & The Diamonds have become my new obsession lately with me completely falling in love with her cocky and determined attitude as well as her vocal stylings and ranges that compare to no one. With that, I want to try and make as many people aware and ready for her as she prepares her sophomore album. Which is why I choose the recently leaked track “Living Dead” that is probably Marina’s closest chance to getting a big mainstream hit.

The song boasts a production similar to Natalia Kills’ brilliant first single “Mirrors,” but also reminisces Lady GaGa‘s “Bad Romance” with the dark electropop that “Living Dead” completely nails with some 80’s influences thrown in there. The song has a memorable and hard hitting chorus that Marina is still able to show off her unique vocals in and is still 100% signature her. But with such a slick pop production, this song is a perfect combination of Marina’s style with modern sounds.

Which is probably why Marina is so upset the song leaked. Marina claimed she has the police involved regarding her leaked music, and now does not know when her sophomore album will come out. While I sort of doubt this, I do think she got so upset because “Living Dead” could very well be a strong contender as a first single for this new album. It hits perfectly with today’s pop world and would definitely be a hit in her home country of UK with success possibly leaking to the US depending if the cards are played right.

Still, I want this song to influence you to listen to Marina & The Diamonds (the diamonds refer to Marina’s fans…she doesn’t actually have a set band, production team, or group of mannequins with her at all times) debut CD The Family Jewels and notice this incredible artist. She wants to go down as one of the best of her generation and I think she deserves that; truly. Take a listen to “Living Dead” to hype yourself up for the new album, and then go back and listen to the debut–or at least the tracks Oh No!, Hollywood, Girls, Shampaign, Are You Satisfied, Numb…at the very least.

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