An artist I always get excited who you may or may not know Nadia Oh is back with a new track! Originally closely knitted with Lady GaGa‘s DJ Space Cowboy, who did some crazy hot productions for her, Nadia Oh is preparing her 2nd album!

Basically with this new track “Kate Middleton,” I can’t really describe it or explain the title but it’s definitely something your ears need to experience. Check it all out below.

It seems like Nadia Oh treading into experimental waters on the hard stomping 6 minute electro track. Her vocals, though always altered in an interesting way, are borderline alien-esque at the beginning of this track that boasts everything from blaring synths, whistle blows, army stomps, and even just complete rave sections.

While I’m unsure how this song plans to be a single, I’m assuming it’ll be cut down a ton, but it has the possibility to be a game changer. I think it’s a little too experimental to be honest (if she wants a mainstream hit) but Nadia has made her way onto popular TV shows like Gossip Girl and So You Think You Can Dance? that led to some of her songs getting surges of downloads getting her into the Top 40 of the US iTunes charts. None of her new material has been released in the States yet so could we see her getting some recognition this time around? I hope so, this track (along with her past work) has always been pretty banging.

“Kate Middleton” Nadia Oh

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  1. tuttyfruit says:

    10/10 this a bangin belter/// turn up LOUUUDDDDDDDDDD

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