I got it straight…Britney Spears has a new song “Till The End Of The World,” written by Ke$ha, and that’s her new single! Clearly looking for a radio staple of a second single after “Hold It Against Me” got everyone’s attention (but seems to be slipping down the charts as the weeks go by), this new single is sure to be one with some staying power as it hits all the right mainstream notes.

Is it impressive though? Read and listen after the cut.

While fans have been a little torn over the several second preview clips coming at them from the likes of producers Dr. Luke and in anticipation for Femme Fatale, one of the most anticipated tracks and now confirmed second single has leaked titled “Till The World Ends.”

The track (which starts almost exactly similarly to Christina Aguilera‘s “The Beautiful People” from the Burlesque Soundtrack, I’m always about to yell “Burlesque!” like the song does) has a similar electro progressive backing that recalls the #1 hit “TiK ToK” by Ke$ha, which Katy Perry then used for her #1 hit “California Gurls,” which now creeps into Britney Spears new single…destined for #1 too. I’m also hearing progression influences of the current #1 radio hit “Tonight (I’m Fucking You)” by Enrique Iglesias with the B-section of the verses.

But where the song truly does stand on its own and offers something new (like “Hold It Against Me” did with its dubstep breakdown) is in its chant-like chorus where it turns into a complete stadium-like chant that is sure to everyone from those dancing at the clubs to those driving home from work throwing up their hands and joining autotuned Britney in what is truly the one of the catchiest hooks this year–despite being only one word!

This single is playing off of the new 2nd single approach method of having a somewhat melancholy, slight fast-paced mid-tempo number as your 2nd single (“Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry, “What’s My Name” with Rihanna…expect Beyonce to do the same when she comes soon enough) and it works really well in this song.

Still, the song isn’t exactly a 100% Britney Spears and with the constant references to DJs, remixes, and the fact most of these “vocals” are talking (til the end where it really does shine) it really does sound like a song Ke$ha should have just done herself…and it probably would have been even greater received. But because its Britney, people will end up embracing the chanting and perhaps Britney can have a really “We R Born This Way As Fireworks So Raise Your Glass Because You Are Who You Are” vibin’ music video with everyone embracing their differences while chanting the chorus! I’m sure that’ll just make the song that much more appealing!

Still despite, all the pages taken from already hits singles Britney has taken all the elements hot in pop music but still put a unique spin on things. She basically did that on a more unique level on “Hold It Against Me” but this song is sure not to slip away so quickly. Congrats on your 2nd #1 of this album Britney.

What do you think of “Till The World Ends?” Tell me in the comments!

“Till The World Ends” Britney Spears

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