Joss Stone apparently has a new single! Apparently it’s been on the net awhile, but now its officially released! Joss, who I think stands as one of the best and most talented artists today, announced she has created her own record label Stone’d Records and the lead single “Back In Style” from her new album is the first release for the new venture.

The new single just hit iTunes & is filled with all the things you’d expect from a Joss Stone record…but is that a good thing?

While “Back In Style” has all the elements we’ve come to love from Joss, including crooning pianos and basslines along with top-notch back-up soul mama vocals, it mostly is just a nice track.

Joss’ previous debut single “Free Me” had a bit of an edge, a bit of a bite intertwined with her unhappiness about her record label. It seems that Joss has left her label troubles behind her and is enjoying life (which is great for her!) but it doesn’t make particularly interesting music.

While I’m still enjoying the track (I’m a huge Joss fan…her third Introducing…Joss Stone album is one of my favorites of all time), I wouldn’t expect it to make any huge impact on the charts or talk about this album…since even as a huge fan, I didn’t even know this track was coming.

Still, fans of Joss and fans of soul/retro-influenced modern music will totally did “Back In Style,” but I do wish there something a little more sassy, a little more hard hitting, just a little more interesting about the new music. Although this could just totally be the “safe” first single route–after the bitter battle over her last album, maybe Joss is doing some personal clean up with a cute single? Regardless, I’m pretty intrigued to see what else she brings with this fifth album. Take a listen below:

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