I should first mention that the song I’m about to tell you about is a charity single. That fact will color this entire review.

Reality start Kim Kardashian is using her stardom for good by taking the opportunity of having a one-off single be used to raise money for St. Jude’s Children Research Hopsital. The song, “Jam (Turn It Up)” was produced by The-Dream and sees Kim igniting the dancefloor (per usual) but this time she’s singing the club banger.

The track is a true club banger with the high-energy track beginning with The-Dream slyly including his own vocals throughout the track. Kim’s voice at first sounds like its been perfectly autotuned to make Kim’s single be at the same level of her ex-best friends Paris Hilton & Heidi Montag’s music.

Unfortunately, her voice only gets worse after the first lines, BUT if you’re listening to Kim Kardashian’s music you’re most likely not listening for a Grammy-worthy vocal performance. Just sometimes it seems like anytime Kim strays from the melody it is a complete vocal mishap.

Which is why most likely on the (addicting) chorus, it’s just Kim in a monotone voice that actually works as she repeats the words “They playing my jam” over and over. Enough people should like that though, and it could end up getting a big amount of downloads when released to iTunes.

While the verdict may be out if this song can garner any radio play or end up being a hit single, but if the response is big enough we could end up seeing more music from Ms. Kardashian. To be honest though, I think this single enough…BUT BUY IT FOR CHARITY!

Check out the world premiere on Ryan Seacrest below:

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/388452&tbid=160791&p=p/s&height=436&width=416]

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