The third studio album from Kelly Rowland has been a long winding road with countless delays and confusing single choices, but her NEW first single (meaning I guess scrap everything that’s been done before? Including the incredible European singles?) is the track “Motivation” featuring Lil Wayne that was premiered today.

Instead of keeping with the eurodance sound she’s found success in overseas, I believe Kelly is coming to rule the R&B charts with this mid-tempo, review & hear inside:

In the same vein as “Deuces” by Chris Brown or “Fall For Your Type” by Jamie Foxx (both of which went to #1 on the R&B charts), Kelly sees herself taking on a melancholy R&B track with electro elements that makes for a sensual jam that lately seems to be somewhat of a trend in the urban scene.

Kelly sounds absolutely great with some strong chest voice and vulnerable but also extremely strong head voice on the Jim Jonson produced track. Her harmonies with her back-up vocalists (which I believe include herself on the back-up vocals–a style used by Alicia Keys & Christina Aguilera to give you a reference) sound absolutely wonderful and have a melancholy vibe that work perfectly.

I’m a little annoyed by the signature Rico Love “turn the lights off” popping up in the verses, but I guess that’s what you get when you get a song like this penned for you. Lil Wayne keeps with the overall vibe of the track by acting as a great addition to the track with some memorable lines that I found myself rapping along with on a second listen. Good addition!

It looks like Kelly and team really do want Kelly to own the R&B side of things, and they finally got it right single-wise. Not something wack like “Grown Ass Woman” or the is it pop/is it urban/does this song have a melody single “Rose Colored Glasses.” With Beyonce coming back soon (SORRY for bringing her up, but at this point its necessary) Kelly should keep her own lane and I actually think this is a great single choice.

Melancholy R&B? Check. Hot rapper feature? Check. Last check, any other females slaying the R&B charts? Nope. All systems go for Kelly Rowland and “Motivation” (also confirmed to be the official title of her new album).

What do you think, can Kelly do it this time with “Motivation?” Listen below:

“Motivation” Kelly Rowland featuring Lil Wayne

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