Another week of great music! Here are my Top 10 most played artists and songs according to my Last.FM account:


1. Sugababes
2. Lykke Li
3. Marina & The Diamonds
4. Diddy – Dirty Money
5. Christina Aguilera
6. Avril Lavigne
7. Kalenna
8. Girls Aloud
9. Blonde Redhead
10. Nelly Furtado

1. “Drive Me Insane” Kalenna

2. “Oh No!” Marina & The Diamonds
3. “Stroke Ur Ego” Wynter Gordon
4. “Love Out Of Lust” Lykke Li
5. “Nasty Ghetto” Sugababes
6. “Spiral” William Orbit featuring the Sugababes & Kenna
7. “Mentally” Timbaland featuring Lyrica Anderson
8. “Utopia” Diddy – Dirty Money
9. “Sadness Is A Blessing” Lykke Li
10. “Push The Button” Sugababes

That’s what I’ve been listening to! I’m still going strong with going through the Sugababes’ catalogue with the Taller In More Ways and Three albums. But I’m also absolutely loving Lykke Li’s new album, expect her to be around awhile. I was in a Spanish mood and listened to Christina Aguilera & Nelly Furtado’s Spanish albums this week, and as well fell completely in love with Marina & The Diamonds after having this album for a few months I just really got into it after I realized how good “Oh No!” is, my #2 most played song. A new Kalenna track leaked out called “Drive Me Insane” which has a 90’s vibe in it but at the same time totally a smash for today; great track.

What have you been listening to this week?!

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