If you remember my new artist post featuring Eva & The Heartmaker, you know how I’m loving their absolutely spot-on 80’s influenced sound. Well, they’ve done it again with their new song “Gone In A Flash,” where the music video was just premiered today.

The song, a new single from their just released album Dominoes, currently available in their home country of Norway with the group working on getting it released in the States. Keep reading for more…

The duo have made “Gone In A Flash” a great tribute to the 80’s with some funky bass lines and synths sounding like they’re right from the 80’s. The melody, at points, actually somewhat sounds like classic 80’s hit “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Tears For Fears. Whether this was a nod to the 1985 new wave classic or it was just a coincidence, it works regardless.

As always, Eva’s voice fits right in and we get to see a new side of her voice we haven’t in their singles with the bridge/breakdown section showing Eva going into head voice with some absolutely gorgeous crooning over a grimy synth beat which then leads into a guitar solo (by The Heartmaker I’m assuming?) which is just perfect before going into the last chorus.

I’m loving the video too (which seems to be an ode to the 80’s too) it’s pretty simple with some shaky video black & white capturing of Eva at the microphone & group shops. Things change up during the bridge/breakdown section with Eva becoming a goddess emitting blue and turquoise light out of her, and then The Heartmaker gets his additional colors during his guitar solo. It’s a good visual that only enhances the song.

I’m still hoping for Sony Norway to push “Signals” as a dance/club single in the US, but for now we can definitely get some love from “Gone In A Flash” and hopefully I can get my hands on their new album Dominoes. Watch below…

p.s. Eva/The Heartmaker/Sony Norway, if you’re reading this my e-mail is on the ‘Contact’ page and where you can contact me to get my address so you can send me your new album!

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