It’s Tuesday which means new music! This post is brought to you by the beautiful Amerie (or Ameriie) who looked stunning at the closing of the NBA All Star Weekend showing off her engagement ring (not shown). In Ameriie news, the singer’s publicist recently tweeted about how she was listening to the ‘brilliant’ new album, but contrastingly her manager/fiance is still looking producers to submit material.

In any case, here’s the worthiest who just released music today after the cut:

1. 21 Adele – If you’ve been reading, you know how much respect I have for Adele. She’s been having massive, massive success in Europe & her home country Britain. Hopefully the US catches Adele fever because the album deserves it. #1 pick.

Download Adele – 21 Album HERE!

Multidimensional Music Border2. “On The Floor (featuring Pitbull)” Jennifer Lopez – J. Lo is back by releasing her very “Stereo Love” influenced pop/dance track “On The Floor.” The song is already a Top 40 radio hit & hopefully makes this album Love? finally come out!

Download Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor Single HERE!

3. Truant Wave EP Patrick Stump – The Fall Out Boy vocalist is going on his own on this very interesting mesh of pop, electronica, rap, and even some dub step influences on this EP that is a steal of only $2.99 for 6 tracks on iTunes.

Download Patrick Stump – Truant Wave EP HERE!

4. “Get Over U” Neon Hitch – This gypsy’s first single is finally here after several prominent placements! The track, written with Sia, is fun and addicting and it is definitely promising of what this new talent can bring. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Download Neon Hitch – Get Over U HERE!

5. “Every Little Part Of Me (featuring Jay Sean)” Alesha Dixon – It looks like Alesha is taking her shot at the US again with what is probably the most accessible single to do that with the Jay Sean feature. Don’t think it’ll happen, but I do like her.

Download Alesha Dixon – Every Little Part Of Me HERE!


So there you go! Everything that is now (legally) available to you to fill up your iPod with! What’d you think? Anything I missed? Let me know what you’re buying this week!

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