Britney Spears herself has not come out publicly to say one word about new album yet, but that has not stopped everyone around her from speaking about it. Hit producer Dr. Luke has just released another small clip of an upcoming Britney song we had already confirmed by a title from Ryan Seacrest.

While the clip is not particularly revealing, we can still hear some interesting elements. Listen to the clip after the cut

First off one again this is another clip where we’re not hearing the moody pop that we’ve been promised. It all seems very upbeat and hit-driven.

This song is actually reminding me of a combination of Madonna‘s “Hung Up” and “Music,” which just shows yet another artist this year ripping off Madonna. Are people going to start getting bored with this? And apparently this is set to be a single. So we’ll have to see. Regardless I just think “Hung Up” is about to start with the whistling…let’s hope the songs can stand on their own eventually once the album is out!

In other news, as the music video was just released “Hold It Against Me” has not found its way back into the Top 10 of iTunes yet and stands at #17 behind Avril Lavigne‘s “What The Hell” at #11 released the same day amongst others. Yet its radio play continues to grow steadily being the 3rd most played song in the country and still growing. Britney songs usually have longevity on radio and the charts, so this shouldn’t prove to be different but I do think its interesting how its struggling on iTunes after such a huge start.

Here’s the clip below. Are you still excited for Femme Fatale?

“I I I Wanna Go (Clip)” Britney Spears

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