In yet another atypical album release from Radiohead, the band has surprised everyone by annoucing the date of their new album–this Saturday!! The band, famous for their groundbreaking 2008 release of their album In Rainbows where before its official release they asked fans to pay what they wanted for the album. The result ended up giving them a #1 US and UK album when it was in fact official released so why not try something new…again? Read on for more details.

After turning the industry on its head with the release of their last album, Radiohead is set to do the same by suprisingly annoucing an album coming in a mere 4 days. Though this will be only in digital form. The physical edition will come out in late March in The UK. Think that’s a bad idea? Well don’t, because even after giving the album away for free (fans could choose their price–which on average was $2 per album, not bad!) when it was released in physical form it still topped the album charts. Amazing really!

The new album The King Of Limbs does not have much information on it since nobody knew it was even coming out! What I have been able to find out is that the album was produced by Nigel Godrich. Additionally, there will be a “newspaper” edition featuring the music on 2 vinyl records, record sleeve, many large sheets of artwork, 625 tiny pieces of artwork, and a compact disc according to Radiohead. That will also be more expensive; obviously.

So are you excited for Radiohead’s album? Do you like that they surprised us like this? Or would have rather seen a promotional build up like every other artist? I think this will prove to be not as succesful as In Rainbow but close enough to make yet another remarkable album release. That, and the material’s gotta be good.

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