Fresh off of redeeming herself with her tribute to Aretha Franklin at The 53rd Grammy Awards, who Ms. Aretha even mentioned her and Yolanda Adams as her favorite parts, Christina Aguilera is gearing up to head back into the studio according to frequent collaborator (and writer & producer of the anthem “Beautiful”) Linda Perry.

Find out what Perry had to say after the jump

According to several online sources, Linda Perry (who is currently promoting her new band’s first album) told CW Radio that Christina is getting back into the studio in a few weeks. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise since Christina has even said herself in interviews that she’s eager to get back into studio (remember: Bionic was technically finished in 2009, so its been about 2 years now).

What was remarkable though was that Linda revealed Christina is talking about a possible Spanish project–a project long overdue from Aguilera. The vocalist, who released a Spanish revamping of her debut album along with some original tracks called Mi Reflejo in 2001, has been speaking for years about the follow up. I believe it was in 2004 Christina said she was working on her next Spanish album, but two studio albums and a movie later the project seems to be nowhere in sight.

The closest thing fans have gotten from a Spanish released has been the duet between her and Andrea Bocelli on their beautiful single “Somos Novios (It’s Impossible).” You can see the two perform that below.

I’m torn about what the best route for Aguilera is at this point. The English market seems to be shunning her at the moment, so why not try her luck at the Spanish  market again and then really comeback for the English market when she’s ready. Only time will tell what route she ends up taking, but either way this should be exciting for Christina fans who usually need to wait about 4 years between Xtina albums–Stripped (2002), Back To Basics (2006), and Bionic (2010).

What do you think is the best route for Christina now? Is she still looked down upon in America? What did you think of her Grammy tribute? Let me know!

UPDATE: Apparently Christina fans were having a little fun as Linda responded on Twitter that she has not heard about any new music projects and hasn’t been contacted yet.

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  2. Luca says:

    Christina’s last Album was a flop and the earth knows it. Now, We all know that Christina Aguilera has one of the strongest female voices ever but again we all know that Bionic was not the right thing for her carrier. Christina’s best works are Stripped and Back to Basics. I think Bionic has been a big mistake, lady gaga was conqueering the world in 2010 so it seems like if Christinas Productors wanted to make something similar to lady gaga’s brand, it was so obviously, Not my self tonight was a good hit but the video, come on…lady gaga was performing, not christina aguilera. I am a very big fan of Cristina and i felt very sad when i was watching it for the first time. I remember i said ” Oh my god u did it..” Christina aguilera is Stripped, not Bionic. Bionic is exactley what they decided to do hoping to sell lots of albums but something went wrong. There are a few ballads in Bionic that are quite perfect but they should not appear in a such album like BIONIC!! Wrong Decision, wrong expection. As she said “mistakes are good to go on and do not repeat what failed” I agree with her and i can’t wait for her next album, i am so sure that her new work will be completely different from Bionic. Christina Aguilera has The Voice, she does not need her body to sell but again she should not be proud of her last performance @ Michael Jackson Tribute, she got ridiculous ans she knows it. I Really hope things will get better for her music and her life. She born for singing and she has to do it untill she dies because we all want her vocals, her words, her powerfull.

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