You guys all seemed really excited about upcoming Moby music, well guess what? The deal just got sweeter with Moby releasing his new EP Be The One for free! The EP features 3 new songs from Moby’s upcoming album Destroyed.

Click farther on the post for a Moby Mega Post with a download link to the EP, the new album’s tracklisting, release month, music videos, and how Moby’s making his new album multidimensional & adding an important visual element to his work.

Moby’s new album, which will feature the 3 free songs from the EP (download link below) , is titled Destroyed and is being described by Moby as “very melodic and atmospheric and electronic” with an overall concept of “broken down melodic electronic music for empty cities at 2 a.m.” Which is perfect because I can totally see myself listening to the 3 new songs when I’m drunk, heartbroken, and lonely walking home from a failed one-night stand at 2 A.M. in New York City……I mean, read my reviews of the songs so you understand what Moby means…

I’ve already given you my review of “Be The One” and I must say, these new songs are even better! They definitely fit the description Moby gave by having a truly atmospheric feel, and once again Moby comes back to the genre he truly owns by including true electronic elements, not the acoustics he’s experimented with.

“Sevastopol” (the name of an interesting city in the Ukraine according to Moby) is a mostly instrumental track with a electronic backing that wouldn’t be out of a place on a hot pop record, but the violins and percussion Moby adds truly make it his own. There are some hums from a female vocalist, but no real lyrics. The song is an up-tempo track, but definitely has an emotional element to it. The next song “Victoria Lucas” (the pseudonym of prize-winning American poet Sylvia Plath, according to Moby) takes a more melancholy feel with still a strong presence of electronic elements, but I find this production more interesting. Additionally, there are some hums and vocalizings from a female voice but no lyrics again. The song has many ups and downs (similar to Plath’s life perhaps?) and is definitely something I could see myself walking home to pissed off and rejected…I mean, emotional about.

Moving on, Moby made videos for each of the songs from the EP, you check out Be The One, Sevastopol, and Victoria Lucas by clicking on their respective names.

Moving onto the actual album Destroyed, Moby said the album would be released in mid-May some tracks featuring his vocals and then also the vocals of friends (meaning nobodies who have amazing voices that Moby is luckily friends with).

AND last but not least, Moby (who’s been a photographer since a young age) is releasing a photobook based upon Destroyed as well will have several photo exhibits featuring his work in different cities with more information coming soon. I’d love to see that!

SO basically in this huge Moby post, the new album is coming mid-May and there’s whole bunch Moby is doing in conjunction with the album…seriously taking it to the next dimension. In the meantime, definitely download the must-hear EP:


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