A lot of you have always been loving any posts about Diddy – Dirty Money, so I had to bring you guys their Valentines Day gift to the fans their LoveLove VS LoveHate Mixtape featuring some new mixes of tracks from their December-released album as well as some new tracks, including a tribute song to R&B legend Sade.

I haven’t listened to the entire mixtape yet, but check out what I think this indicates of the supergroup as well the download link to the mixtape after the cut.

I would say its a safe bet to expect several more of these mixtapes or at least more free tracks from Diddy – Dirty Money since the group recorded so much material and a ton of it was left off the album including a lot tracks featuring just the 3 of the group, as well as a Clinton Sparks produced track featuring Ludacris, a rumored Cassie feature, amongst others.

In the meantime, I’m really excited for this mixtape since I am still bumping the tracks from Last Train To Paris and hope we just end up getting more from them as well as more promotion since their performances of songs like Ass On The Floor & Coming Home have been top notch. I haven’t listened yet, but let me know what you think of the tape in the comments. Here’s the tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Yeah Yeah You Would (featuring Grace Jones)
3. Sade *NEW TRACK*
4. Yesterday (featuring Chris Brown)
5. Ass On The Floor
6. Looking For Love (featuring Usher)
7. Private Entertainer (featuring Rick Ross) *NEW TRACK*
8. Rollercoaster *NEW TRACK*
9. Change *NEW TRACK*
10. Make Love To You *NEW TRACK*
11. I Know (featuring Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa)
12. Shades (featuring Lil Wayne & Justin Timberlake)
13. Utopia *NEW TRACK*
14. Last Night Part 2 *Last Train To Paris Bonus Track*

DOWNLOAD LINK: Diddy – Dirty Money : LoveLove VS LoveHate Mixtape

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