And I thought Christina Aguilera had it bad with the “Express Yourself” comparisons…after a huge backlash and controversy over all the similarities that came with Lady GaGa‘s new single “Born This Way” and Madonna‘s previous hit “Express Yourself” the seasoned legend is considering re-releasing the song to go head to head with all the negativity people are giving Madonna when people compare the two songs. Read more about why this is happening below…

Despite having appeared together in a kind of funny skit last year on Saturday Night Live, it seems that the blood may be turning bad between the two humongous divas.

From a strictly musical standpoint, yes I will 100% agree that “Born This Way” sounds a lot like “Express Yourself.” So much so that I began singing the two songs as a mash-up when I listening to them. I wonder if there’s a possible copyright issue that come from this? Probably not…Madonna doesn’t need anymore money.

Yet moving on, the comparisons became so obvious to listeners that the phrase “Express Yourself” started trending on Twitter after “Born This Way” was released about 36 hours ago.

Yet here’s where the problems came from–the crazed stans who refuse to admit their idols have possibly faltered or even admit when there’s similarities between other artists. Such negativity came from the likes of Perez Hilton who sent out a controversial tweet saying that he loved Madonna, but then pointing out that she’s never written a song by herself. That’s pretty irrelevant in this case because this is the first song GaGa has released that she has solely written but if she’s ripped it off other songwriters and artists, how is that impressive? Also, his point is invalid because (as a wave support came for Madge) she HAS in fact written and arranged music herself.

With these comments, another trending topic came up on Twitter with “STFUPerez” meaning that GaGa fans were realizing that his “promo” was causing more bad than good, but still the big mean Piggy Perez didn’t stop talking and called himself “the queen of Twitter today” all while deleting his tweet about Madonna afterwards. Never admitting that he was wrong, but simply deleting it.

Yet the true Queen of Pop will not be disrespected! Madonna has added a live performance of “Express Yourself” onto her official channel in response to the negativity. NOW there are rumors that Madonna will take her song head-to-head with “Born This Way” by re-releasing it complete with a music video from a live 2004 performance.

Smart move? Technically I see where they’re going in that if it sounds so similar and “Born This Way” is doing so well, why not release it too and call GaGa out? But will people end up buying it or will this just be embarrassing to Madonna? At the same time, if a whole generation is reintroduced to the 80’s track which follows a similar theme to “Born This Way” perhaps it could end up doing great. I kind of like this idea, and I think while there is a huge backlash against GaGa (although the single is selling hugely and The Grammys are only going to help that) there is a way for Madonna to reignite herself from this. I love it!

What are your thoughts? Is this a smart move for Madonna? How similar are Born This Way and Express Yourself? Don’t you just love it when divas fight? Take a listen and watch the just uploaded performance of “Express Yourself” at the 1989 Video Music Awards below, which should give you a good indication of whether or not you think “Born” is a rip off, and tell me what you think:

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  1. Carlos says:

    This generation is so cynical, can we aprove a copycat and a rip off as Lady gaga is? i dont think so… if people do so in the future all the music artist who pave the way in music businnes wont be important anymore.. shame on Gaga its a disgrace in the music

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