Every week I tally my most played artists and songs as counted by my Last.FM account, and then compile them into a list in my journal. You can share your lists with me so we can get an indication of what true fans of music are listening to and get suggestions from each other!


1. Dawn Richard
2. Leighton Meester
3. Robyn
4. Diddy – Dirty Money
5. Aretha Franklin
6. Neon Trees
7. Jade Ewen
8. Nadine
9. Menudo
10. Jessie & The Toy Boys

1. “Front Cut” Leighton Meester featuring Clinton Sparks

2. “Animal” Neon Trees
3. “Me Myself and Y” Dawn Richard
4. “Push It (Skeet Skeet Remix)” Jessie & The Toy Boys
5. “Esperaré” Menduo
6. “Call Your Girlfriend” Robyn
7. “Be The One” Moby
8. “Let Me” The Floacist
9. “808” Timbaland featuring Brandy
10. “Ace Reject” Sugababes

So that’s my list! What have you been listening to? Clearly I’m loving Dawn Richard’s new mixtape and the new Leighton Meester track. My artists list has completely revamped from last week except for Nadine, but Jessie & The Toy Boys, Menudo, and my newest obsession “Ace Reject” by the Sugababes are still holding strong making the Top 10 yet again. What are you listening to? I want to know!

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