Well, it’s finally here. Lady GaGa‘s highly anticipated new single, completely written by GaGa “Born This Way” off her new album of the same title. The song has already hit #1 on iTunes after being released at midnight, and has just broken the record for being the fastest song ever to hit #1 on the online store.

The song is so clearly an anthem that can reach the masses; which is why I’m happy with the song. Read my review below…

To begin with, GaGa’s hyping of this song apparently did wonders for it. If you’re a Lady GaGa fan you’ve come to love her over indulgence and pretension when she talks about her music. Especially by having the likes of Piggy Perez Hilton & other top producers constantly talking about how great the music is, people are going to take notice. Or at least curiosity will get you a ton more listens.

What’s great about “Born This Way” is that GaGa finally has a song that can stand completely on its own without her twisting it to having some obscure, deeper meaning. The song IS actually about being ‘born this way’ and loving yourself regardless. It’s not like “Telephone” which she said was a commentary on youth being addicted to technology when she’s singing lyrics “I cannot text you with a drink in my hand, eh.” (But we can just blame that mostly on Beyonce being in the song…oh but what about the others? Eh, we’ll blame Beyonce for that too I guess). She finally got it right by making a themed song.

The song truly is the first of its type to really be a song that the gay community can 100% relate to (“Don’t be a drag, just be a queen”) with lyrics that are not only going to open up the eyes of those not a part of the gay community, but also make them a little more sensitive and empathetic to the community. Especially if this song makes the impact I believe it’s going to make, people will not be able to get away from the song–regardless if you support gay culture or not.

I’ll speak on the song musically, though I’m actually not as interested in that part. The song is produced by Fernando Garibay, the same producer who did “Dance In The Dark” from GaGa’s The Fame Monster EP which is the reason the song has, at times, the same dark, vampy vocals as the previous unreleased track but mostly sounds different. The song has a rock/anthemic feel to it due to the back-up singers giving it the same sing-a-long vibe as classics like “Sweet Home Alabama” or “All Summer Long” (and is somewhat reminiscent of my favorite unreleased Lady GaGa song “Fever” yes, the one that Adam Lambert took for his debut & ruined…). Adding on to the vocals, GaGa has never sounded better with her adding in some growls and added soul to her singing voice that we’ve never heard from her. Very nice! While there’s some controversy about how the song sounds like a lot of other songs, I’m not going to focus on that just yet. I need to do a little more research first.

Moving on, the fact that the song has become the fastest song to rise to #1 in all of iTunes history is huge in its own right! The song was released at midnight, which is NOT a peak time to release a song. Britney Spears released “Hold It Against Me” at midnight (which was planned and promoted) and it became the 2nd fastest song to #1 after Taylor Swift‘s “Mine.” Taylor’s situation was different in that because of a leak the song was released in the afternoon, a peak time for buyers on iTunes, causing a huge surge of downloads. YET the fact that the song was planned and promoted for Friday (with the huge help of a Twitter trending topic of #BornThisWayFriday), was released at midnight, and then hit #1 in just 3 hours…meaning everyone bought their copy from midnight to 3 AM on the East Coast (and at the earlier 9 PM on the West Coast) goes to show how many people are supporting GaGa and this new single. Truly remarkable.

GaGa will also be performing this song at The Grammys, which is a huge help for downloads historically, meaning that with only 3 days of counted download time GaGa could very well end up with next week’s #1 single. Actually, I’m predicting that will happen.

Some other remarkable parts about “Born This Way” is that GaGa’s official site created a Facebook event for the single release. It right now has 229,737 Facebook members attending and 20, 264 maybe attending (meaning about half those Maybes bought the song) with the number growing higher everytime I refresh the page, check that here. If all those ended up buying the single (and I’m sure a very high majority did) then GaGa could also be on her way to breaking the record for most single-week downloads.

So mostly, I’m really happy with how “Born This Way” shaped up. GaGa is truly using her high, high status to make changes and open people’s eyes. AND the best part is that she’s getting a HUGE amount of support. Stop and think about how beautiful that is.

Now the question is, have you gone along with everything and bought your copy? Will I buy it? I just might…

In the meantime, listen to the song via GaGa’s official website here, or the audio on VEVO below, or you can buy the single here. Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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