Without even having any new music for listeners, Lady GaGa continues to push on the promotion for her new album with an interview with Vogue magazine of which she covers this month.

In the interview (packed with colorful but admittedly ugly photos…she looks creepy! Similar to the “Alejandro” video) GaGa reveals how many tracks will be on Born This Way, some of the titles of the songs, as well as information about the 2nd single. Reminder that is all coming when the first single hasn’t even been heard yet. Get all the juicy details after the cut

First, even though she originally told her fans at a concert that she was trying to have Born This Way be 20 tracks, it looks like her album will actually be 17 tracks. Not a huge difference from the 14-tracked The Fame album though.

Additionally, The Ga revealed some titles of the new songs set to appear on the record including: Hair, Bad Kids, Americano, and Government Hooker. Nothing necessarily groundbreaking or particularly exciting about these titles but Hair seems like it could be interesting and universal, while I’m almost positive Bad Kids will be about being different and then GaGa singing about how she is here for you.

As well, even though we haven’t even heard the first single GaGa has a 2nd single titled “Judas.” The track is described as having a “sledgehammering dance beat and is about falling in love with backstabbing men of the biblical variety.” Why not? Works for me. But the description is interesting in that it looks like we’ll definitely be getting the same dance-ready music from GaGa, or at least we will on the second single. Probably just in case if “Born This Way” is a departure from GaGa’s usual style “Judas” will be something to bring everyone back. Safe move…

In additional news, after premiering the single at The Grammys (pretty huge and will probably guarantee her the #1 single spot…if she releases the single to iTunes, which she’d have to be a fool not to) she’s also set to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno juuuust in case somebody didn’t see her Grammy performance the very next day.

So this weekend we will finally see what the defining pop star has been cooking and hyping up all this time. Are you ready? Are you excited or over it at this point?

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