Due to (apparently) increased demand, up and coming pop girl of the moment Jessie J has pushed up the release date of her new album Who You Are meaning that it is that much closer to leaking and the verdict to come out if the hype around Jessie is warranted or not.

With that, an album sampler with 30 second clips of all the album’s tracks has come online giving us a great indication of the direction Jessie’s taking with her debut album.

Throughout the album sampler, we hear a lot of pop sounds with some soul twists in it. And while usually this is a winning combination, I’m just not impressed.

The music is sounding extremely bland at this point with some cheap soul embellishments added probably just to make her stand out a little more in the pop market. The songs with the most intriguing titles like “Rainbow” or “Abracadabra” sound so generic, and “L.O.V.E.” (the track recorded and originally done by Christina Aguilera) now becomes obvious why it was left off her record because that one falls in line with the same mediocrity as the other songs.

While, of course, this is only an album sampler and the full songs and album may change my mind but at this point I’m putting Jessie on the back burner in terms of excitement. There are so many other great, great artists coming out (especially from The UK) that deserve the same opportunities she’s getting. I said it before, she is a hugely talented vocalist but her songs are just pretty bland and bad. She needs to focus on her awesome vocals first and foremost, and then create the music that way. Then she’ll have my attention.

In other news, Jessie’s “Price Tag” featuring B.o.B. is proving to be an unstoppable force hitting #1 in The UK and currently rising on American radio already in the Top 40, rising at a similar speed as Avril Lavigne‘s “What The Hell” meaning people are interested…so far.

Take a listen to the album sampler via Amazon UK, and let me know what you think. Is this hype warranted? I think not, but maybe I’m close minded?

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  1. A. says:

    Ugh. I expected a lot more from a BBC’s “Sound of 2011” winner. This sounds so generic.

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