The cuties (or maybe just one cutie & 4 other guys…) of Menudo are still making music despite an uncertain future…or at the very least are having their music leak out. Regardless of what’s happening, the Spanish-version of an already leaked English track of theirs leaked the other day and it is too good to pass up!

Last May, a song called “Save The Day” by Menudo hit the internet showing huge R&B influences. Now the Spanish version has leaked and its even better.

The Spanish version of “Save The Day” is called “Esperaré,” and if my Spanish isn’t too rusty translates to “I Will Wait For You.” Regardless of how different the titles may be, the song sees a underlying R&B groove with harmonies that rival the top R&B boy bands.

As what is typical with most Latin singers is that this version of the song comes off as sounding much more natural than the English version does. While Menudo did a better job on their English version than some singers do, I prefer “Esperaré” just to it sounding so much more natural. It’s the same for Shakira…she sounds great in English, but she sounds so much better in Spanish.

All in all, this song is a such a slow jam and if Menudo plays off this R&B, harmony-driven sound they’ll definitely have a fan in me! If you’re unaware of Menudo, they’re basically more of a brand than an actual musical band by starting in 1970’s and ungoing several line-up changes and revamps. Menudo is where Ricky Martin and Robi Draco Rosa got their starts as well. Let me know your thoughts below, I’ve included both versions below. Let me also know your thoughts on native Spanish speakers taking on English singing versus singing in their tongue.



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