Fresh off staring in the #1 movie in America this week with “The Roomate,” (which I still need to see…its apparently good, I couldn’t tell if it was going to be unbelievably kitchy or legitimately good…either way works for me) a new song surfaced from Leighton Meester titled “Front Cut” featuring producer Clinton Sparks (who’s worked with T-Pain, Akon, Colby O’Donis amongst others). The song is the most club-ready song we’ve heard from Leighton, and is just as great as her previously leaked material. Listen below

There were originally news reports that Leighton snagged a song Clinton Sparks had originally created for Fergie after being so impressed with her. “Front Cut” definitely has potential to be that song since the song has some of Fergie’s signature chant-sing style on the track that Leighton also rocks.

What’s particularly awesome about this track is that is has a typical structure that just makes the song that much more interesting and makes this club banger at the next dimension. Which is why I don’t exactly know what verse/place (I guess it’d be the second verse, but Leighton’s first solo verse) in the song, but I want to point out the verse where Leighton is chanting as the main vocals, but then as secondary vocals you here her singing the same lyrics. It’s a very cool approach to the track and not something you’d expect in this type of production.

While Leighton’s music career still seems to be up in the air with still no release date in sight, but perhaps her huge movie career and some good signs of her musically (she was also in “Country Strong” where her music was the most downloaded from the soundtrack) will hopefully allow Leighton to release. Or she should just put all her money into this (a la Heidi Montag…oh wait…) since I need this album!

Unfortunately, the possibility of an album doesn’t look so great since Sparks did put the song up for free on his website making me think he just gave up hope of the song coming out officially and just put it out there for the public. I’m trying my best to get a statement from him either about the song or Leighton’s music career so stayed tuned for that since I do have a way to contact him.

In the meantime, download the song officially HERE (though I did get a message that the file was corrupted…so be cautious…) or take a listen below. What’s your thoughts on the new track and Leighton’s music career? Check the tags to see some commentary on Leighton’s music career in past posts since I’m a huge advocate for this album. Let’s hope 2011 proves to be true for it!

“Front Cut” Leighton Meester featuring Clinton Sparks

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