News about Lady GaGa‘s upcoming promotion for her new album and single, as well as a preview video of her interview with Anderson Cooper.

In what is truly one of the most hyped up albums in recent mind, Lady GaGa’s upcoming Born This Way‘s album is set to start promotional work this week. Originally intended to be premiered this Sunday, the night of The Grammys, GaGa has decided to premiere her new single this Friday.

In addition to premiering the new song, GaGa also had set up an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper that is set to be shown on Grammy night as well. Can we make it anymore obvious how important GaGa is appearing to us? Or how important GaGa is making herself? By having her new music debut the same week as music’s biggest night basically gives her the title of music’s biggest superstar right now. Is it deserved? I suppose the new music will ultimately decide this.

Check out the preview below that basically brings GaGa back to her New York roots which is a nice anecdote to remind us that this is actually a human, regardless of how much she may not seem like one. I’ll be posting my thoughts on GaGa at this current moment soon enough. Are you ready for a new GaGa era? Is it too much too soon? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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