Two superstars in the own right, Lady GaGa and Jennifer Hudson, both ended up revealing the covers of their new single and album respectively today. Both of them are actually excellent and hopefully you’re intrigued by little clips of the covers I put in the preview picture at the left.

Check em out as well as some commentary after the cut.

First off we have fairly new diva Jennifer Hudson’s cover for her sophomore album I Remember Me. This cover not only shows off Jennifer’s newly slim figure, but as well a more confident Jennifer versus her past album cover where only half her body was shown. Also the coloring is just beautiful and reminds me a little of Rihanna‘s Loud album cover, most likely because it was shot by the same photographer who did her recent perfume photoshoot. Very nice J Hud!

Lady GaGa also revealed the title for the first single of her hugely hyped up new album Born This Way (of which the first single is named after) which is quite cool as well. The album seems to have a bit of an 80’s glam rock influence (which GaGa always claimed to be hugely influenced by) as well as some wild make-up and hair, looking a bit animalistic in the process. I wonder if GaGa is going to be channeling these styles into her new look, or probably the music video at the very least. I love the font as well! Good start so far GaGa!

What are your thoughts on the 2 new covers? Which are you more excited for I Remember Me or Born This Way?

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