Even with some issues, we can still luckily update each other on our most listened to from this week! This week I once again fell back in love with Nadine Coyle’s flawless debut album Insatiable and remembering all the different vocal techniques and styles she experimented with. I’ve also been obsessed over the new Jessie J leak because I love her vocalizings on that track as well (I posted about it below). Additionally, we have some of the same artists from last week and then some new ones. So check out my list below and let me know your most played or just what you’ve been digging this week! Hoping to have the site issues fixed by tomorrow!


1. Nadine
2. Jessie & The Toy Boys
3. Jessie J
4. Toni Braxton
5. Jennifer Lopez
6. Sugababes
7. Ciara
8. Christina Aguilera
9. Lykke Li
10. Adele

1. “Nobody’s Perfect” Jessie J

2. “Push It” Jessie & The Toy Boys featuring Yelawolf
3. “Esperare” Menudo
4. “I Follow Rivers (The Magicians Remix)” Lykke Li
5. “Signals” Eva & The Heartmaker
6. “Ace Reject” Sugababes
7. “Put Your Hands Up” Nadine
8. “We Own The Night” Jessie & The Toy Boys
9. “Chained” Nadine
10. “I Need A Doctor” Dr. Dre featuring Skylar Grey & Eminem

What have you been listening to this week? Tell me and check back for more updates coming very soon–our site issues should be resolved VERY soon! Love!

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