In a promotional spot for his new show “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” the personality got on topic about Burlesque which led to the interviewer and him discussing Christina Aguilera (and more) and her current underdog status, which then led to them discussing the idea of “the messes” singers sometimes go through. Read more about other messes, who RuPual thinks is perfect but boring, and why we like these messes.

The focus of the messes were Mariah Carey and Christina (who RuPaul called “a beautiful mess”) but we know that this situation can also be applied to the likes of Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, amongst others (some of whom the verdict is still out if they have recovered their messes). Yet what was quite fascinating about the conversation was that the two were applauding and loving the trying times of these divas. The interviewer spoke on how he never loved Mariah more than when Glitter (her infamous box office flop that was a catalyst for stalling her music career & causing a nervous breakdown) came out, and now he is a devoted fan despite that she ended up regaining her career completely. Additionally, RuPaul spoke on how he loves Christina so much more than before and he finds her “more interesting” and “better than ever” because we’re seeing sides of her we’ve never seen before.

RuPaul and the interviewer also discussed those who are seemingly “perfect” and have never had huge falters throughout their career (in their opinions). Using Madonna and Beyonce as examples they spoke how these women are fantastic, but are in the end boring.

The overall theme of the discussion was how these messy times show the true person that is living and breathing behind the larger than life personas these women are portrayed under. And seeing the true person makes them that much more relatable and interesting to. The other important aspect to notice was how the made sure to note that it wouldn’t make sense to like the struggles if their true talent wasn’t ultimately there (which it most definitely is in Xtina & Mariah) and even connects them to the likes of top of the tops actress Meryl Streep and how she can truly personify people.

So what do you think? Is perfection boring and seeing stars struggle with their lives and careers ultimately make them more interesting and relatable? You check out the full interview HERE at VH1, but let me know what you’re thinking in the comments.

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  1. Xadax says:

    Xtina made it through basically on her own.
    Beyonce had Matthew (Esp. on the Grammys)
    Britney had (Papa Spears)
    Lady Gaga had Perez Hilton
    Katy Perry & her boobs

    • Haha so are you saying Xtina is the best of these divas that she could make it out all on her own?

      (I agree! hehe)

      • Xadax says:

        Y-E-S Hehehehe

        Just look how Xtina copes compared to Gaga.

        Gaga uses pot, gets insecure when people talk about her looks/ bullied/ cries in front of the camera (HBO Concert trailer).

        Xtina on the other hand sucks it all up & attacks using her talent, doesn’t cry in front of the camera, her being bullied were far worse than what Lady Gaga ever experience (Prom, Neighbors, Flattened Tires by bullies, Perez Hilton etc…) & still she’s recording a new album.

        • I agree, Christina started a lot of this but never embellished or played on it as much as other artists like GaGa. She went through it but instead learned and went on to create incredible music, didn’t promote it as much as she could. she’s a FIGTHER, thus why it’s a single from her.

      • Xadax says:

        Gaga was rich, Xtina was poor.
        Gaga still has her parents, Xtina only has a mother.
        Gaga was made fun of her looks.
        Xtina was (& still is) bullied because everyone got jealous/envy of her talent.
        Gaga was disobedient, Xtina was protective.
        Gaga talks a lot but doesn’t live up to its music.
        Xtina talks less or gives not much info but her music speaks for itself.

        Xtina’s mess isn’t even half of what Brit experienced.

        Legendtina. Thick-skinned. Our Inspiration.

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