In what is most likely to be her 3rd #1 from her latest album Loud, the song “S&M” by Rihanna has just had its anticipated music video released! You guys have been checking out the preview shots long enough, and its finally here! Luckily, it did NOT disappoint. I’m loving all the colors and imagery. It’s definitely a must see in a long line of Rihanna videos. The video seems to be a commentary on the press who insult Rihanna for her sexual ways–so what better way to fire back at the critics with other than the music video for her most sexual single to date “S&M.” Keep reading my review as well as view the video past the cut…

The music video is like an earlier Rihanna video “Rude Boy,” both of which were done by the same director Medina, showcases Rihanna in several different outfits from a pink latex get up, a dress filled with sexual slurs and insults, a pretty hot latex housewife outfit, a heart eye patch, bunny ears, and then some more tame (but always loud) dresses and headpieces. What I love about the video (and usually Rihanna’s good at this) is showing us things that we haven’t seen before. Like the ice cream cone with jewels in it and that (once again hot) latex housewife get up. As long as Rihanna can always continue to do that, she’ll always have our attention as video watchers.

While many people may overlook it, the gag balls of the press seem to be very unique but I was already inundated by gag balls when I was looking over the album artwork for Christina Aguilera‘s Bionic and anyone else who’s seen it too knows what I’m talking about. So while some time has passed since that album, not enough for the reference to be possibly called out for being ripped off about. But then again it was Xtina who was gagging herself, not other people like Rihanna did.

Additionally, my favorite part of the music video is when the orange-haired press lady was in the shot with Ri Ri smacking her ass with a heart shaped fan in one of the last scenes of the video. Fucking hot. Someone get me some gifs made stat.

But all in all, this really was a great video and while it wasn’t as original as I’d like to it to be there are some real shining moments. I’m also going to predict a lot more fruit showing up in Rihanna’s work in the future since she had a photoshoot recently where she was eating strawberries, and in this video she’s got a fruit headpiece as well as eats strawberries and bananas (not original on the banana part though). Stayed tuned…but as long as Rihanna keeps us visually interested, we’ll all be staying tuned.

Also, expect this song to rocket up iTunes (currently at #41) similar to how the music video for “Rude Boy” gave the song a huge amount of interest and led it to it becoming a #1 single.

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