Being labeled the next big thing by everyone and their mamas, Jessie J had some official and unofficial premieres in the past days. The first being as a part of VEVO LIFT, Jessie premiered the video to her first American single “Price Tag” featuring B.o.B. (cover art seen at the left). The premiere has already led to the song making impressive leaps on iTunes.

Additionally, a new song from Jessie’s debut album leaked this week titled “Nobody’s Perfect.” This song has given me a new spark of interest in Jessie and helped me understand her talent. Keep reading on why and see the video past the cut…

The “Price Tag” video is cute and effective for what the song ultimately is. A lot of different close ups of Jessie looking playful and in some interesting outfits. That’s about it. The song itself (and was unfortunately the first song I ever heard by Jessie) is just such a played-out radio catered tune featuring sorta hot rapper of the moment B.o.B. (has he done anything since Nothin’ On You and Airplanes were big?) that it really can’t be taken with much legitimacy. Like I said earlier, this song was the first I ever heard of Jessie and I was extremely turned off by it’s obviousness that I never even listened to “Do It Like A Dude.” Yet the overwhelming hype about her and interesting industry news made me feel like I needed to give another chance.

Luckily, I did decide to give another chance with the new leak “Nobody’s Perfect” and I now understand how she went to Britain’s top art school and why there is such a hype for her. In the track (which I’m sure will be at the top next week’s Most Played List since I’ve had it on repeat lately) we see an interesting pop/urban production that doesn’t fall into one genre too much–a smart move since it looks like Jessie is being promoted on the urban circuit as well as pop; similar to how Lady GaGa was and look at her now.

One of the most remarkable parts of the song comes in the first chorus which shows just Jessie on vocals and no back-ups like how just about every other song is created. Not many artists can carry an entire chorus with just this solo voice, but with Jessie it so works. The next chorus we hear a nice harmony (assumedly by her since they sound so similar) but with still that same raw solo sound of before that gives the song an extra emotional kick.

The bridge is a true aural treat as we get to hear Jessie making some crazy harmonies on her voice, and then what eventually sounds like a battle between herself as she goes from soulful to belting to growling to yelling and everything in between. Really awesome.

Jessie really does have a soulful, powerful, impressive voice that could be doing the same music Adele is doing, but her voice fits just as well with this type of music. I unfortunately can’t find a good video of the studio version of the song so you’ll have to deal with an acoustic version that showcases the song in a good light, but I’d suggest the full version:

Thoughts on Jessie? Is the hype warranted?

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  1. I hate her. Great voice with shit music.

    • Hey thanks for the comment Prophet!!!! But yeah this “Nobody’s Perfect” song is making me like her a little more but I have been completely turned off thus far…she’s gonna have to have a really really strong album to change my mind.

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