Who’s that familiar looking beauty on the left you ask? That’s none other than The Floacist former member of Floetry along with Marsha Ambrosius. The Floacist is seemingly sticking very true to the roots she originally came onto the scene with as seen by her new single “Let Me” taken from her November released Floetic Soul.

The floetry song has a complete cosmic feel to it with The Floacist’s lyrics and vocals sprinkled into this song that feels like one’s being taken to another place. Unfortunately, The Floacist obviously wasn’t Floetry’s main vocal contributor and it shows in the song by somewhat lacking a true melody but the song is most definitely a force to be reckoned with in itself.

That force is further seen with the music video which is very simple but extremely, extremely effective and beautiful. The clip shows The Floacist and her hot male co-star both in little pieces that barely cover their goodies. Are you convinced yet? If you’re not the video uses color and light in such a sensual way that every time their bodies touched it turns into a completely multidimensional experience. Really great work with what seems like a small budget, so even greater props.

Take a watch and listen below:

you can purchase “Let Me” from Floetic Soul on iTunes HERE.

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