Rihanna makes us salivate a little more with the first look preview video for her upcoming single “S&M” and to answer the question on everyone’s mind: YES, THERE WILL BE WHIPS AND (FUZZY) HANDCUFFS. I know whatever and however I write this, won’t do justice to everything I just witnessed in the preview video so you’re going to need to check it out yourself, but I’ll do a quick round-up.

LOTS of COLOR (which is like candy to my synesthesia), LOTS of COLORFUL WIGS, and of course that amazing orange haired “Press” woman who is defining me as a person at the moment who you can see a smidge of in the photo the left but move of her amazingness in the full preview photo which I posted earlier. I also think Rihanna gets to tie her up at some point of the video…I might need a framed photo of it.

The video ends with Rihanna giving an amused laugh meaning this is just yet another visual that Rihanna’s created that will outdo her competitors as it typically does (although lately I’ve been bored with her videos for Only Girl & What’s My Name…) when it comes to music videos. Check out the must see 37 seconds below:

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