As Nicki Minaj continues on killing the industry (her album hit platinum a little whiles ago while she still boasts no Top 10 solo single to her name) she has just unveiled a 6-minute music video for her new Drake assisted single “Moment 4 Life.” I’ve actually been recently really getting into Pink Friday and this is one of the top cuts from the album, I love the overall feeling of the song, so I’m glad its getting the single treatment. Additionally with the high-profile feature with Drake and Nicki really establishing herself at this point, it could end up being her biggest hit for her so far.

The music video is interesting to use a general term to start out with. I was pretty excited in the first minute because we saw what Nicki do what she originally went to school for (acting…which is probably a HUGE factor as to why she is such a talented rapper) with an exchange between “Nicki” and her British fairy godmother alter-ego Martha. Unfortunately this intro just came off as awkward and I thought the Nicki persona was just annoying (especially her laugh) and Martha was the most interesting part of it all, but she didn’t really do much so it sort of fell flat. What was most important of the talking was that it seemed like they were hinting that “Roman’s Revenge” with Eminem would be released next (or would be the next music video) since the 2 talked about Roman & Slim Shady at boarding school…next music video’s theme?

The music video itself was pretty good with a lot (seriously a lot) of shots of Nicki walking around a mansion looking very pretty with her different wigs and different dresses. Drake looks nice as well…and the two are seemingly playing off the practical joke they played on everyone this summer when they announced on Twitter that they were married by having a similar moment in the video–fireworks and all.

The video is quite nice and obviously had a huge budget which works well for Nicki who can be as eccentric with fashion and style choices as she wants which is ultimately going to make a better product in the end. It’s not amazing, and neither was the acting, but I think this is a step in the right direction to make this song her biggest yet. Check out the video via MTV HERE since no full YouTube video has been uploaded yet.

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