I’m sure you remember how much I ended up loving Lykke Li‘s second single “I Follow Rivers” when it was premiered earlier this year. Well this girl just gets better and better as Lykke revealed the visual to go along with the track that is just as interesting as the music!

Despite how sexy she could be, Lykke finds herself creepily draped in black cloths as she follows a broken lover through a snowy forest and beach. The story shows her following the man the entire song despite losing her shoes which she ends up kicking off and running through the snow barefoot–you can’t fake that! As well once she eventually catches up to him you see the man being the one to break down and cry (not the other way around!) and showing emotions as Lykke is the one to comfort and be strong for him. There is an eerie couple seconds where the singer looks right at the camera where I can’t tell if its supposed to represent her protecting her love or giving insight to her inner-stalker. I think either scenario works.

Regardless, the music video is brilliant and I’m getting more and more excited for Wounded Rhymes as the days go by. Check it out below:

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