Adele has gotten a new bike. She told us so on a blog post from her official website here. She wanted to let you know that “the bell sounds like a door bell…like ding dong not prbprbpbrpbrpbr.” Spoken like a true legend. Don’t forget them. See the photo in all its glory & the whole post HERE.

In other equally amazing news, Adele continues to make musical magic in her hard promotional work for her newly released 21 album in The UK by stopping by BBC’s Radio 1 Lounge. This is always an exciting event for music fans since the artists usually do an unexpected cover with the Lounge’s full band and Adele was a surprise like the others by taking on none other than England’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole‘s (somehow) #1 single “Promise This.” You can read in the blog post about how excited she was to cover the song; and rightfully so–she made it 100xtimes better! Adele takes the blips and boops from Cheryl’s hot mess of a single and makes it into something beautiful and makes me actually remember the melody and be impressed by it. Yet another amazing Adele has done.

As if this wasn’t enough (and I swear this isn’t an Adele fansite) the Official Charts Company is reporting that her new album is set to sell more than the other Top 10 albums combined! There’s no stopping Adele!!!! Let’s hope for some similar success when she hits the US with the album. Cannot. Wait.

As well, Adele is set to cover Billboard magazine this week with the in-depth interview (that’s actually focused on music versus how other cover stories on female artists have been) revealing that a “VH1 Unplugged: Adele” is coming. With that music show, Adele’s promotional schedule is packed in February (which the album comes out at the end of) with a Feb. 18th appearance on “Today,” Feb. 21st on “Late Show With David Letterman,” Feb. 24th on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and Feb. 28 on CBS’ “The Early Show.” Additionally, the album’s first single “Rolling in the Deep” figures prominently in a scene in “I Am Number Four,” the upcoming Michael Bay-produced movie in theaters February 18th. If that wasn’t enough Adele’s company has really nailed it by securing a deal with NPR to play the album which is an EXCELLENT move since that will reach a bunch of older, more mature actual album purchasers.

Adele’s manager also gave insight that he “hears” 5 singles and wants this album to make an impact all the way to the 2012 Grammys. So expect Adelegend to be around AWHILE with this new album!

Wow, so much Adele in just one post…just amazing. If you haven’t fainted, take a listen to Adele covering Cheryl Cole’s “Promise This” below:

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  1. Karen steinhoff says:

    I started listening to Adele with my family 4 years ago. 2 years ago my son died and her songs words are amazing!!! I would love to find a way see her or and meet her. Peace

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