If you didn’t notice (but I’m sure you have since you’re constantly clicking back to this site since you’ve bookmarked it, subscribed to it, and always refresh the page to see if there’s any updates [there always are so you should be doing that]) I have a new banner here at blog! This new one is just making us one step closer to the official launch of Multidimensional Music!

The banner was made by the amazing graphic designer Merlito from The Philippines! You can check out a lot of his amazing work at his Tumblr, become a fan of his work on his Facebook page, and follow him on Twitter for instant updates. Not only is such a talented guy, but he’s a GREAT person as well! You won’t find a nicer guy!

If you really want to as well feel free to use the image I’ve used above as an icon/avatar to promote the website, I would really appreciate it and it’d get you a mention on our growing Twitter account!

So keep checking back when we become officially launched here at Multidimensional Music Blog when things start going into hyperdrive and make you sure you check out Merlito and tell me what you think of the new banner! I’m personally OBSESSED! Thank you Merlito! ❤

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