Well New York City is literally covered in snow and after a thunder/lightning/snow storm last night that went on throughout the night, NYU has cancelled classes for the second time in 2 years after not cancelling for like 15 years or something like that. REGARDLESS, in my excitement for the possible snow day I prepared myself for what would be an awesome “Beacuse…” post featuring none other than one of my favorite 2000 pop stars Hoku!

Hawaiian singer Hoku rose to fame mostly because of her placement in movie soundtrack after scoring the lead single in Nickelodeon’s “SNOW DAY” movie (you see where I’m going?) as well as “Legally Blonde.” She had a self-titled debut album as well that was filled with a lot of happy, cheery songs mostly about love and the earth as they tried to play off that whole Hawaiian surfer chick thing. It did create some of the most enjoyable pop music from the early 2000’s with songs like “How Do I Feel (The Burrito Song),” which is one of the grossest titles I’ve ever heard, and then of course her soundtrack music. She released an EP or something, but mostly it seems like her music career is pretty over; unfortunately.

Below I’ve posted not only the music video for “Another Dumb Blonde” taken from the “Snow Day” soundtrack, where you can pretend you’re having a snow day too…no matter where you are…since it has clips from the movie intertwined with a cute, pretty Hoku who starts the video going to her old school computer who tells her “You…have…..mail,” when dial-up internet was our only option. Oh nostalgia. I also included the music video to “Perfect Day,” and after the jump I included “How Do I Feel” as well as album track “Oxygen.” Enjoy and Happy Snow Day!

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